Mar 02


After Alesia Spa Hotels, specialist successful operator in the industry Wellness and Spa, founded Alesia Tour Operator which will make its debut at the BMT.

The new operator has 6 thematic catalogs to give the possibility partner agencies to target the most of their clients' choices: Wellness and Spa, Slovenia, Charming, Acquardens, Pet Hotels, Salento.

Alesia Tour Operator caters to agencies with a clientele particularly sensitive to a valid and innovative for the industry Wellness and Spa and beyond and to agencies that choose a reservation system based on modern technology, quick and easy, with a response in time real and available 7 days out of 7

Besides the six catalogs continuously updated, the new operator shall make the travel agents an online booking system with the best quotes available and evolving every day and at all hours; easy and fast booking process; the ability to create customized package for each type of customer; immediate printing of invoices, bank statements and vouchers; the rapid management of reservations and accounting. Also it is no required registration fee.