Apr 12


A tour de force, It is appropriate to say, between Naples and Milan, Mainly to meet the tour operators to BMT and promotion bodies to bits. Among these, many were those forced into a frantic race to dismantle the stand and mount in Naples to Milan, wondering why the quest'inutile overlapping dates.

The BMT has been much visited by travel agencies around the center south, who have been able to meet most of the tour operators still active in Italy, together with the increasingly present Online Travel Agency, airlines, navigation, network of agencies and villages chains, in short all the "traditional" tourism industry, Which while not hiding the problems, it has been shown in its most vivid appearance. On Saturday evening there was also a great party at Pietrarsa Railway Museum, which anticipated a few hours of the opening of the same by the President of the Republic.

The Bit has guessed the location and he has enjoyed the shift in the pavilions of Fiera Milano City, more suitable for its size very small. Pleasant walk in more content and well-proportioned, with a pavilion dedicated to the bodies of the international tourism and one of the Italian Regions spaces. The fed - perhaps too - program of meetings has divided those involved in very small groups and there have been few crowded presentations. Both the audience, especially Sunday. There is already talk of moving the date of 2018 to avoid putting it near the BMT and the Salone del Mobile.

Why was there too! On the last day of the Bit "old fair" coincided with the first day of the Furniture Fair in Rho, Occasion probably seen by organizers as a driving force for the tourism fair, but has instead proven idea unfortunate for the enormous impact of the fair on services, hotel rates and over the city of Milan,

The general focus on the exhibition and the presence of visitors from around the world give a little 'the size of the opportunity lost from tourism to Italy. With all due respect to the made in Italy excellence, so well represented at the Salone del Mobile, it is absurd that what was once among the most important events of tourism in the world is today an event dedicated to the Milanese public or so, especially considering the offer only represented by our country.

Press BMT
Antonio del Piano