Feb 22


“Vogliamo dare un segnale all’Italia, invitare le regioni a fare rete per far crescere l’incoming turistico. Le idee giuste ci sono, bisogna trovare il sistema per tradurle in azione concrete. E’ con questa mission che ci apprestiamo a vivere BMT 2019”. Angelo de Negri, amministratore di Progecta e creatore della BMT – Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo, anticipa così quella che sarà la novità della ventitreesima edizione del più importante appuntamento professionale italiano dedicato al turismo in primavera.

"With our stock market in recent years we have fostered and grown Italian tourism and today we have the ambition to do even more with The Grand Tour of the South, that the idea of ​​fostering the integration between the various local products to facilitate the creation of inter-regional routes that touching the various realities of the south, can contribute to the common growth of the movement came from abroad ".

A project you are involving the southern regions present at BMT in 2019 and that will be shown to the Minister of Tourism, Gian Marco Hundred, which has already been invited to visit the Neapolitan event along with all the regional tourism councilors.

"On the other hand the minister, and the new ENIT, since the first declarations have highlighted the need to avoid fragmentation submitting to foreign markets a product with the Italian brand. What better occasion to put together a large slice of Italy to propose in a unique program. "

There are several local and economic entities as every year are paying their attention to the BMT, reflecting the importance of the event in the economy of an area that is often defined oil of Italy not then be given continuity to resolutions and good intentions.

"From this point of view it is vital the contribution of those who, over the years, believed in BMT, and I refer to the Campania Region as well as the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Naples to stay in the local area. The private dimension of the organization can not be ignored by government when it comes to work to bring economic benefit to the same territory as stressed by these administrative realities. And it is thanks to these presences that BMT in recent years has managed to bring Napoli thousands of foreign buyers. The numbers, and the benefits are there for all "concludes de Negri.