Feb 28

Ixpira and Excellence at BMT: new products, technologies, services and incoming new markets

IXPIRA is a service and innovative technology system created by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the sale of tourist services that caters to ADV and distribution channels via XML. Great new stuff starting in 2019 available on the platform: the new features flew, car rental, simplified booking for travel agencies.
Developed with a philosophy of integrated and unified access to the broadest range of products, IXPIRA platform enables travel agents to find, within a single system, all content and the rates they need to build the perfect holiday for its customers.
Grazie all’accordo con Travelport il servizio di prenotazione voli diventa sempre più performante, nuovi prodotti arricchiscono l’offerta sul sistema, e si aggiunge la possibilità di opzionare il blocco posti. I nostri specialisti sui gruppi e individuali possono confezionare tutte le soluzioni business o leisure più adatte alle necessità delle ADV, affiancati da un’assistenza clienti di prim’ordine su prodotti, disponibilità e destinazioni.
IXPIRA comes to a mature market with a clear and innovative offer, placing itself in a more competitive thanks to increasingly rich products. From October 2018 IXPIRA intensifies the acquisitions of new partnerships in Asia with the establishment of offices located in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo in the near future, providing our operator partners even in the version of the Japanese language IXPIRA portal.
With the ADV IXPIRA have at their disposal a new tool to work with simplicity and immediacy, without extra costs, even for the newly opened agencies that look out for the first time on the market.
EXCELLENCE DMC is the incoming division of THE REVEAL group that manages over 30 years thousands of foreign guest arrivals in the Bel Paese. Specializing in the organization and support groups from arrival to departure, EXCELLENCE DMC offers a wide range of services including flew, hotel, transportation, tours, catering.
From the Japanese market aims EXCELLENCE DMC has expanded in many other Asian countries, with two new important bridgeheads in Malaysia and Hong Kong, which allow you to distribute the product in the Far East. Significant growth also English speaking customers with significant network collaborations with the UK and US market.
Allotment of conspicuous throughout the country provide fast and competitive responses. EXCELLENCE DMC is also tailor made for individual, innovative itineraries, charming villas, special experiences, organization of technical visits, wedding and big events.