Feb 28

The Summer Place Apartment

To strengthen the relationship with the world of travel agencies, tour operators Atelier Holidays will be at BMT Naples with its own stand in Hall 6, where it will present the product Summer 2019 and some important news.
On the threshold of the 20 th year of operation, Atelier holidays It adds to its programming Mare Italy Borgo Fiuzzi Resort and Spa, Praia a Mare (Cs) with a space purchased about 60 rooms per week. Such a commercial operation is in addition to 'Atelier Nature Club Village Sybaris (Cs), which in the first year of opening, brought a very positive feedback from customers.
With other structures under contract 150, divided between Classic, Special e Club, Present throughout the boot, Atelier Holidays is consolidated as a reference point for the product Sea Italy. Do not underestimate also the 'Island of IschiaThe pride of Campania tourism and salable, with its outstanding thermal baths and spa, during 365 days of the year.
The extremely competitive prices, professionalism, and a booking online fast and reliable, they have allowed to become today a reality, and to propose on the national market thus optimizing the ratio of the travel agencies.
Atelier though holidays are not only SEA ITALY. Given the excellent results of the product Red Sea, With an increase of attendance of 45% compared to 2017, the programming will also be exposed Sharm el Sheikh With the presentation of the structures Classic e Luxury that will be accessible from Naples, with weekly rotation of line and Charter, throughout the course of the year.
In conclusine we hope that, given the efforts and commitments, the year 2019, with the support of the agency world, will bring enormous emotional and commercial satisfaction with an estimated growth of about 25% of the turnover.