Apr 01


This year nothing fairs: all national and international trade organizations have been forced to cancel the events of 2020.
We will share when we can go back to work at full capacity in our Companies and then come back on track and will present us stronger than before to new market with which we face in 2021 after this experience that marked us deeply.
In our opinion, this year there are not the conditions to ensure the exhibitors and participants in the class event that traditionally offers BMT.
Neither we could think of an edition of BMT end of summer, which is the spring fair for excellence and that takes place in the ideal time for the launch, promotion and sale of the main annual holiday of the Italians.
We waited until now before making a final decision, after trying to put off thinking that the end of the emergency was closer than what you are announcing instead. This situation leads us to think that even for the months of September / October you can feed a lot of hope to actually start shooting in our industry already this year!
We do not get discouraged and look beyond to try to see the light beyond the tunnel and just to kick off the resumption of our enthusiasm as well as our business, Progecta is preparing a surprise that will be followed by the return to normal, to meet entrepreneurs but above all the friends with whom we share the difficulties of recent months, to leave together, running toward a future that will certainly be better.

The dates of the next BMT: 19, 20, March 21, 2021