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BMT 2016 | Closing statement

BMT is the most loved by travel agencies.
Closes between large and sincere historical edition of the Mediterranean Tourism Exchange consensus that opens the way for a new trade model that puts the distribution system at the center of Naples, 21 March 2016 - It ends with a flourish the number 20 edition of the BMT - Mediterranean Tourism Exchange held at the Overseas Exhibition of Naples from Friday 18 to Sunday, March 20.
In the traditional closing of Palm Sunday comes a blessing to BMT by travel agencies the center of southern Italy, and elsewhere, who have now elected the bag organized by Progecta as the main tourist Spring marketplace in Italy.
BMT 2016 represents a turning point in a landscape that sees the squares for the encounter between production and tourism distribution, to move towards the most appropriate formulas to the evolution of the industry.

In the past they were just travel companies Taylor Made tourism agencies, role then delivered to the tour operator and of which the distribution date of the square back to regain thanks to increasingly close ties with OLTA (Online Travel Agency), Promotion Agencies Tourism, search engines and hotel consolidators, all the same travel agencies have found to
BMT 2016, and with which they could confront.
A virtuoso exhibition model: large sea and air carriers, the whole chain of suppliers of rooms, services, the promotion of tourism and tour operator bodies on a human scale professionally and commercially, with the possibility of great loyalty rather than large anonymous and expensive numbers.

Il plebiscito di agenzie provenienti da Campania, Sicilia, Calabria, Puglia e Lazio con arrivi anche da centro e nord Italia, certifica la bontà del format BMT. Ha funzionato la formula dell’invito a 600 agenzie, l’assegnazione degli orologi in Ceramica di Vietri ai titolari di agenzie che si accreditavano per primi, la grande kermesse di MSC Crociere che ha portato a Napoli ulteriori 500 agenzie di viaggio. Tutto celebrato poi con la grande festa per i 20 anni di BMT nelle sale del famoso Salone
Daisy with dinner and music.

ISTANTANEE DAI PADIGLIONI – Le aree BMT riservate all’Outgoing sono state come sempre quelle più prese d’assalto dagli agenti di viaggio, per la presenza delle grandi firme del turismo e degli enti di promozione ma anche perché in questi spazi si sono sviluppati i corsi di formazione loro dedicati. Grande interesse anche per il Turismo Accessibile, con la presenza in fiera di uno stand che vede Napoli capofila di un progetto che metterà in rete tutte le iniziative esistenti in Italia.
Incoming in the halls, the interest of visitors was given to proposals of the Regions and the four thematic workshops literally besieged by Italian operators, eager to meet the hundreds of foreign buyers selected by Progecta with the collaboration of ENIT .

HALL OF VOICES - BMT is still the most crowded trade show by travel agents: the stated exhibitors stressing that the agents themselves, in an attempt to finally regain their role, they appreciated the presence in the stands of the major search engines, of consolidators the hotel offer, the corresponding American, Cuban and even Iran. It criticized the lack of institutional representative associations, from ASTOI to FIAVET.

Attendance 22,600 + 12% 444 Exhibitors
Buyers 400 Suppliers 1.050
Workshop 4 Watches 200
Easter Eggs 444

Many compliments as ever ...
See you at the Twenty-first edition of the BMT 24 - 26 March 2017

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