Mar 07


Charon & Tourist BMT to strengthen the alliance with adv.

For the Group Charon & Tourist, BMT is an excellent opportunity to introduce its new pricing initiatives, the result of a continuous crescendo in doing business through synergy between the company's different and complementary. The C & T Group, in fact, can today represent the best alternative to the highway to reach Sicily. With two lines Napoli - Catania and Salerno - Messina and new connections compartment ferries Siremar, the island is now more than ever at your ship and the holiday starts already on.

Looking ahead is expected to sustainable transportation. In the middle of next year will be launched in fact a powered drive to liquid gas for a lower environmental impact in respect of the territory in which Charon & Tourist has its roots, the strait of Messina.

Even for 2018 the Caronte & Tourist Group considers strategic objective to consolidate and strengthen the alliance with ADV, which the company considers its best customer.

It is in fact confirmed the commission program implemented in 2017, with upward revision commissions for Trade and new over calibrated on turnovers.

An absolute novelty, however, is the new booking. Through a single platform, which includes all the companies and the routes operated with a single agency code you can book all over the world a Charon & Tourist ticket.