Jul 22

Hospitality Contract: what is meant

The hotel contract is a service that in recent years is experiencing a wide spread on the Italian market. But what exactly is it? What does this service consist of? Let's try to understand it better together later.

Hotel Contract: what it is

Contract furniture consists of the order with which a contract company not only supplies the furniture but also deals with the design of the various spaces according to the customer's needs. So, as already mentioned, it is about a complete service which involves several figures. First of all, this process requires the client to entrust a specific order to a contractor. In turn, the general contractor undertakes to establish a date by which to carry out, according to the contractual terms, a specific work.

The figure of the general contractor, therefore, it turns out to be fundamental. In fact, it is entrusted with the role of coordinating the order, as well as communicating with suppliers and the architectural firm. In addition, the general contractor is also responsible for the delivery of the project.

Another important figure is that of the interior contractor, which is dedicated specifically to the furnishing of the project. The ways in which it acts are different: it can take care of every single design phase or it can rely on sub-suppliers. In any case, this figure also has the task of dealing, for example, with the laying of floors, the creation of false ceilings or walls, coverings, decorative lighting and even paintings. All this always following the needs and tastes of the customer.

Why is the contract important?

The retail channel has always been the main route for the sale of the products of Italian companies. Conversely, Contract furniture implies a substantial paradigm change, based on the offer of "Turnkey projects". Its diffusion in recent years is justified by the possibility of companies to diversify their business and access new markets, including foreign ones. These advantages are particularly visible for Italian companies, since Made in Italy has always been known in the rest of the world for its attractiveness and it is no coincidence that more and more clients from other countries get in touch with Italian companies for the construction of large hotels or large shopping centers, but not only. In fact, among the most common customers of these we also find owners of restaurants, pubs, bars, museums, universities and B & Bs.

Contract furniture: an opportunity also for small businesses

Contrary to what one might think, the contract furnishing process does not only concern large companies. Indeed, Italian small and medium-sized enterprises represent the vast majority of those operating in the sector, in line with the productive nature of our country, made up mainly of medium and small businesses.


Contract furniture is therefore a service that allows not only the creation of custom-made furniture and furnishings, but which is based on in-depth studies of the interior spaces to achieve the best possible result. It is therefore a complete service, which starts from the initial design to the final finishing. In addition to ensuring a wide versatility and quick times, the formula is also very convenient from a cost point of view.