La terza edizione del SALONE DELL’OSPITALITÀ CONTRACT&HOTELLERIE si svolgerà come ogni anno nel padiglione 3 della Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo giunta alla sua terza edizione organizzata sempre da Progecta, dal 18 al 20 Giugno 2021 alla Mostra d’Oltremare di Napoli. Tutto il mondo dell’industria del contract e dell’ospitalità incontra i 20.000 operatori professionali presenti alla BMT nei 3 giorni.

The professional visitors:

Owners, managers, purchasing directors of:

  • Hotels throughout Italy
  • Hotel chains national and international
  • Companies and Cruise Ships
  • Resorts
  • Resort
  • Spas
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Associations
  • consorsi

Categories exhibitors:

After the success of last year, with a dedicated pavilion, EXHIBITION OF HOSPITALITY CONTRACT & HOTELLERIE expanding the exhibition area.

  • furniture brands
  • Design
  • Coatings and construction
  • Technologies for hotels and home automation
  • Furnishing Accessories
  • Technology for professional cookery
  • Domestic appliances
  • equipment
  • Products and services for the hospitality world

During the FAIR DELL'OSPI- THUSNESS CONTRACT & HOTELLERIE there will be conferences and meetings on the new frontiers of hospitality design for new formats and solutions for the general contract market.

In collaboration with the National Council of the Association of Architects for 7 years exclusive partner organization Progecta architects from all over Italy who will visit the show in search of novelty we will be involved.

Stand pre-set of 9 square meters (3 × 3 m) - Basic Equipment

It includes walls (h 3 mt) and carpet, desk with 3 chairs, 1 desk with stool, trash, customized faceplate, storage room of 1 square meter, light source, power outlet and energy consumption, enterprise master data catalog entry exhibitors, stand cleaning.

Stand pre-set to 12 m (3 × 4 m) - Basic Equipment

It includes walls (h 3 m) and carpet, desk with 3 chairs, 1 desk with stool, 1 sq m closet, basket, personalized front panel, light point, power outlet and electricity consumption, insertion of company data in the exhibitor catalog, stand cleaning.