Organ BMT founded in 2000 as Tourism Mediterranean, then turned into BMT Magazine, The Journal of Tourism today is now in its sixteenth year of life, fitting proudly in the small number of specialized national publications. The magazine has just become the Napoli Media Partner Convention Bureau

The Editors of GdT consists of journalists who have a deep understanding of national tourist reality and internazionale.La headquarters is located in Naples, Via Loggia dei Pisani 13. The Director of the headboard is Antonio Del Piano.

The editorial product is available ON-LINE and OFF LINE

The MAGAZINE is distributed in over 9,000 copies CERTIFIED throughout the national territory, of which 5,000 to the Centre-Sud travel agencies.

The magazine gives a voice to the experts, thereby constituting an indispensable business tool and innovative, both in graphics and content

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All’interno troverete: REPORTAGE dedicati alle destinazioni turistiche di tutto il mondo DOSSIER di approfondimento su argomenti di attualità FOCUS su questioni tecniche, dinamiche del mercato e temi salienti del b2b, dalle problematiche finanziarie a quelle assicurative etc. INTERVISTE alle eminenze tecniche e professionali del panorama turistico italiano È un’edizione della Progecta s.r.l., società specializzata in fiere, metodologie di sviluppo ed editoria, attiva a Napoli dal 1996 e che da oltre 22 anni organizza la BMT, Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo di Napoli. L’Editore è Angioletto De Negri, Presidente di BMT Napoli. La Progecta si occupa anche dell’organizzazione di Roadshow ed altri eventi

Here are the technical data of the heading:

  • Recipients: AdV, T.O., Airlines, Navigation and Cruise, Tourism Boards Foreigners in Italy, Regional Tourist Offices
  • Publication Associated A.N.E.S. National Association of Specialist publishing
  • Registration to the ROC number 13996
  • CERTIFICATION CSST 2012 Number. 2336 of 28/02/2013

Online version:

  • - news updated in real time current affairs
  • Newsletter sent to over 15,000 industry players
  • Ability to browse and download a PDF version of the last issue of the newspaper printed
  • Archive consultation of previous issues

Printed version:

  • Magazine format: 64 pages + cover
  • For FAIRS SPECIAL is also provided an extra distribution of copies during demonstrations