Mar 16

Interview with Angel de Negri - President BMT - Mediterranean Tourism Exchange

What's new in this edition of the BMT?
Against all odds we filled the exhibition space for some time, no pessimism so but feel like shooting from the field: return to the past with market protagonists agencies, stop the brokerage of intermediaries, this is the main slogan of the nineteenth edition of the BMT but only direct relationships with tour operators who meanwhile are equipped with on-line, with predispositions to grant greater productivity to the agencies, most attention focusing distribution to a smaller number of agencies for better retention etc etc

Any moves in view of Expo 2015
Sensitive to the Great always BMT world events immediately committed UVET / ITN to hold a meeting in Maditerraneo hall Friday, March 27 at 12.
UVET / ITN's official delegate for tourism, authorized to illustrate the EXPO program to the sector.

What are the host countries?
host countries have also grown in fact there are many new entries, including Bulgaria with a substantial commercial and institutional presence and to Polynesia with a nice exhibition island. Always ample spaces of Turkey, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, India and Greece

What's new formula provides for the BMT?
To make known the beauties of Architectural Overseas Exhibition in Naples, we have offered the possibility to organize events
in the famous CUBE GOLDEN Show of obtaining the participation of Air France KLM, Transavia, Emirates, Trenitalia will have the opportunity to bring their guests to present the news of the 2015 season.

What are the confirmations and quelai new entries?
Several stand extensions, including MSC, Alpitour, Best Tour, Naples Airport and the area dedicated to the GLBT tourism. Many newcomers, most notably Tahiti Tourisme, Balkan Express and Egypt Air.

A comment on the current trend of tourism
You are shooting high-quality tourism, with tentative signs of recovery for the outgoing ... if the government promised to put his hand on the repeal of article 5, the ENIT reform and support to tour operators on promotional investments on foreign markets, it could also improve the incoming, single economic resource for the country.

Press BMT
Antonio del Piano