Mar 19


IXPIRA is the new multi-channel B2B platform developed by industry professionals that caters mainly to adv and distribution channels via XML.

The portal IXPIRA is the point of arrival, the sum of over 20 years of experience and work acquired by Guy Luongo, Mark Paghera and Mimmo Crinò in the design and sale of everything that revolves around the tourist services in the B2B market, giving the word services the broadest sense possible, as now the market demands.

IXPIRA nasce dalla costante ricerca di un’ispirazione, di un’idea nuova per offrire nuove risposte e nuove soluzioni ad un mercato in continua evoluzione, per rispondere ai nuovi trend del turismo 2.0 e alla sempre più agguerrita concorrenza del booking on line. IXPIRA entra nel mercato del travel non come semplice comparsa, ma per posizionarsi tra i players protagonisti dell’industria viaggi del prossimo futuro.

EXCELLENCE DMC is the incoming division run by Cosimo Sarro of THE REVEAL group that manages over 30 years thousands of foreign guest arrivals in the Bel Paese. Our specialization has always been the gruppistica: from arrival to departure we offer any service, flew, hotel, transportation, tours, meals. Allotment conspicuous throughout the national territory and fleets of blocked buses provide fast and competitive responses. EXCELLENCE is also tailor made for individual, innovative itineraries, charming villas, special experiences, organization of technical visits, wedding and big events.

Visit us at Padilgione 6, Stand 6007/6009