Jun 17

Spain will be present at the BMT in Naples

The Spanish Tourism Authority in Italy will be present in the 24th edition of BMT, the Mediterranean Tourism Exchange. 18 - 19 - 20 June 2021, at the Mostra D’Oltremare in Naples.

Rome June 17, 2021. Spain returns to Naples to make an appointment with agencies, tour operators and visitors who decide to come to Spain in this new season that is about to begin.

The presence of Spain at the BMT is very important because it serves to give the right support to the first important tourist event in presence in Italy. Proof of this importance is the participation in the inauguration of the fair and the presence with a stand to strengthen the positioning of our country as the first tourist destination of the main emission markets. To do this, the Spanish stand presents the new international campaign 'You deserve Spain'. The director ofSpanish Tourist Board Jorge Rubio commented: "It is important to offer the traveler confidence and security and Spain can guarantee both. Our presence in Naples is essential to help create this climate of trust and security, not only in Spanish destinations, but in the entire tourism sector ".

The goal of the Spanish Tourism Board is to represent all Spanish destinations in Naples and above all to remain close to operators and tourists. Therefore our staff is eager to give the necessary information to allow tourists to embark on a trip in a state of tranquility and relaxation.

Security topics and new access requirements will be in high demand and it is for this reason that it should be remembered that Spain has introduced new interactive features on the Travelsafe portal. In addition, Turespaña will strengthen the dissemination of safety messages on travel to Spain. It will do so through the networks, activating a campaign with Italian influencers, who will invite their followers to visit the Travel Safe microsite

( so that users can consult all the information they need to plan their trip to Spain.

In this edition, the Gran Canaria Tourist Board will finally be present together with the Spanish Tourist Board.