Mar 14

Network: the South better than in the north. At the BMT conference with the protagonists

Naples, 14 March 2014 - The network took the field at the BMT to tell how you play, and you win the game on a market area such as the South Center.

During the main event b2b spring dedicated to tourism professionals, in fact, we will discuss the representatives of the most important sector of the active brand in the relevant market, from Welcome to Via Opportunities / Robintour, Geo spa Gattinoni, as E. T. Network Equestrian Tour NeTRavel.

The opportunity will be given by a conference scheduled for Friday, April 4, from 14.00 in the Tyrrhenian area in Hall 3 at the Overseas Exhibition in Naples.

Moderated by Roberto Gentile, the main actors of the scene will try to explain the reasons why network of southern agencies are winning and why in 2014 the center-south networking is easier and cheaper than in the north.

The conference will describe the state of the Italian tourist networking with unpublished numbers and data before. Assuming that the network of agencies live, after years of steady growth, a crisis of identity and business model, it will demonstrate how the networks that develop from Rome down to enjoy better health than northern competitors, and why this happens . Top managers he's leading network entrepreneurs present, will discuss the issue and take their testimony.

Press BMT
Antonio del Piano