Partner e Sponsor

BMT is the best opportunity to increase brand awareness, the ability to hit target default, focalizzarne new and consolidate the image of their company.

We have put together a range of sponsorship opportunities that will help you convey your message marketing a target default.

Reasons to become sponsor of the BMT:

  • Launch and consolidate new brand Professional attendance of 20,000
  • Position your company as leader
  • Communicate the values ​​of your brand to a target default
  • Implement the number of visits to your booth
  • Generate more sales results
  • Open up new markets
  • Launch new projects

we identified 4 different channels of the BMT to draw your target:

1. Pre Show:

Customizing portabadge: inclusion of the logo; Customizing visitor badges: to place their logo on the back of the badge;
Customizing the confirmation of the pre-accreditation on line; Customizing general call: place their logo.

2. electronic advertising:

Fixed horizontal banner home page (1 Units); 30,000 hits recorded in 2008; Rectangular banner (3 Units) in home page; Banner on all pages (exclusive).

3. Opportunities at the fair:

Bag visitatori: distribuzione all’ingresso a tutti i visitatori; Laccetti portabadge: distribuzione agli accrediti a tutti i visitatori; Penne e block notes per buyer: personalizzazione con logo per singolo workshop; Personalizzazione navette; Personalizzazione e posizionamento pannelli sui percorsi (singola grafica); Manchette su pianta guida oltre 20.000 copie; Quarta di copertina della pianta guida oltre 20.000 copie; Quarta di copertina catalogo espositori o workshop; Personalizzazione della moquette padiglioni outgoing; Personalizzazione moquette dei padiglioni incoming; Posizionamento telo pvc passaggio obbligato pad.

4-3 (6.25 × 3 m) Customizing pizza square; Customizing restaurant area; Customizing the back lunch ticket distributed to exhibitors; good pizza customization distributed to visitors; Panel Piazzale Tecchio 6 × 3 m (trade fair admission); Deploying your Cadeu for foreign buyers.

4. Sponsorships and Special Events:

Conferences Sponsorship evening event for travel agents; evening event sponsorship for tour operators; evening event sponsorship for foreign buyers; sponsorship of the sponsorship front driveway; a dedicated theme nights.

To define with further forms of sponsorship or to confirm specific also customized promotional opportunities, please contact:

office Sponsorships
Project Via Vannella Gaetani, 27
80121 Naples - Italy
tel: +39
fax: +39