Jul 10

Why it is better to rely on a travel agency

The time for summer holidays is approaching and many still do not know which destination to choose. The ideal solution in these cases is to rely on a travel agency, in order to find the perfect destination and enjoy a holiday full of comfort and relaxation. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that, according to a report released by the Digital Innovation in Tourism Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, 33% of people to book a holiday go to travel agents. These numbers are justified by the many advantages, starting with the guarantee of safety, which is essential after two years of pandemic in which people have often been forced to cancel the trip at the last minute. To this are added many other benefits, which we will try to analyze better later.

Zero worries

To experience a relaxing holiday, you need not have any worries. At the same time, however, its organization can be a source of great stress. The choice of hotel, flight and other factors can be very heavy. This is why a first advantage deriving from relying on a travel agency consists precisely in not having to worry about the organization and the smallest details. In fact, through the agencies it will be possible to access specific services, identified on the basis of one's preferences.

The myth of the excessive cost of agencies

One of the biggest travel agency myths is about costs. In fact, many think that relying on an agency involves too expensive expenses. In reality, comparing the costs of a trip organized alone and one by professionals, the difference is minimal, while the quality of the holiday is certainly higher in the second case.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that agencies tend to compare the various offers to propose the most convenient. Furthermore, agree on rates with hotels and airlines. Therefore, the final price comes very close to that in case you decide to do everything yourself. Indeed, in some cases it is even possible to obtain savings.


As already mentioned, over the past two years, due to the pandemic, there have been many last minute travel cancellations. In addition to the covid, however, there may be many other unforeseen events that can ruin the holidays. Generally, when you organize yourself, in these cases you risk losing a lot of money.

Conversely, agencies offer a range of travel insurance that allows you to enjoy your vacation without any worries. The occurrence of any problems should therefore not scare, as the agency's response is immediate.

How to choose a travel agency

We have therefore seen why it is important to rely on a travel agency. At this point, however, it is essential to ask ourselves how to choose the right agency. First of all, you need to be well informed about the various options and, once you have decided who to contact, talk to the owner, in such a way as to understand some important data, such as the cost of commissions and, in general, the level of reliability and courtesy.

A serious agency will allow you to access different travel opportunities with different packages. In addition, it will look for the offer that best suits your wishes. Finally, to make the right choice, it can be very helpful also check the reviews carried out by those who have already used the agency's services, in order to have a clear overview not only of the competence of the staff.


As we have seen, therefore, opting for a travel agency can be a very convenient choice, especially in terms of quality of the holiday. Furthermore, this choice is also an excellent method to have the maximum guarantee during the trip. However, before deciding which agency to rely on, it is important to know all the information necessary to obtain a good result.