May 31

SEE SICILY press release 26 May 2022

The second phase of the Sicilian Region “See Sicily” tourism promotion plan has finally started, the most important phase, the one aimed at tourists.

From today, all tourists who decide to organize their holiday in Sicily will be able to take advantage of the free vouchers made available by the project.

Just click on the page and contact one of the affiliated travel agencies or tour operators listed on the site in order to take advantage of 1 free night every 3 nights; the See Sicily package can also include excursions, diving, guide or accompanying services, free admissions to "places of culture" and, from October, discounts on flights.

"With an investment of 75 million euros - declares the Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, Manlio Messina - we aim to relaunch a year made very difficult by the health emergency". “To date we have already purchased nearly 200,000 beds, over 70,000 excursion services and 10,000 guide and diving services; further services - concludes the councilor - will be made available to tourists thanks to the reopening of the procedures already in place ".

The See Sicily intervention also includes an important communication campaign that will be broadcast on all major Italian TVs, also covering the major national and international newspapers, social networks and the web with innovative promotion campaigns. Together with Ithaca, the Milan agency that helped us build the communication plan, we chose 4 testimonials, all Sicilian, and shot the videos in evocative and representative locations of Sicilian beauties. Eleonora Abbagnato, Colapesce and Dimartino, Nicole Grimaudo and Carlotta Ferlito will cover different types of targets to invite future tourists to come to Sicily.

"Passion, warmth, creativity - says Simona Pisanello, CEO of Itaca Comunicazione - and a lot of work are part of our DNA and it is thanks to these values ​​that we have won the award of the communication dedicated to See Sicily. The campaign plays on the simple assonance between the name of the project "See Sicily" and the claim "Sì Sicily". An immediate concept, even for a foreign audience, declined on all the wonders of the island: nature, culture, art and flavors.

I am sure that the concreteness of this project will give impetus to tourism in Sicily in this historical moment.

I would like to thank - concludes Simona Pisanello - first of all the Sicilian Region for offering us this important opportunity, my collaborators of the strategic, creative and digital teams, and the precious partners Red Carpet and Sulla Luna. Last but not least, the maestro Massimo Patti and the Palermo Art Ensemble who composed and performed the piece. "