Mar 14


For the first time at BMT Naples four of the most beautiful countries of Latin America gathered: Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador-Galapagos Patagonia!

Magical places, the dream of all travelers.

From Machu Picchu, the wonder of the world, the Rainbow Mountains: we present the Andes, natural paradise and a treasure trove of costumes and traditions!

Tailor-made programs for responsible tourism, fair and sustainable.

We build our programs with customers to take into account their interests and their needs. We create dream trips with primary emphasis on the safety of those who travel. You will know the real Peru, in contact with people and traditions of the places.

Edgar Roca Andina Guide International, now living in Italy, but was born in Peru. I grew up in close contact with its people, speaks the Inca lingua "Quechua" He knows the geography, culture and traditions of these places.

A perfect mix to ensure a quality trip in all respects.

You can contact him via WhatsApp al 334 1348495



Customers tell him: "Edgar has convinced us with a pizza in Italy that we would see Peru with different eyes. A singer, player, motivator, climber, cook and everything at the end was no need. "